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The Top Five Percent: A “Conspiracy Theory” of Governmental Control

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The Top Five Percent: A “Conspiracy Theory” of Governmental Control Empty The Top Five Percent: A “Conspiracy Theory” of Governmental Control

Post by The Dude on Fri Sep 23, 2011 2:08 am

TheDuck wrote:If you can't be arsed to read here's a summary of what just happened.

The Top Five Percent: A “Conspiracy Theory” of Governmental Control Axodi0

Ok here's an old tl;dr article I've just dug up for you all, I wanted the video that I attached to it but its been removed from quatum shift, damn, its not on youtube or any other place and was pretty damn good, RAGE! lulz, was only gonna post the vid but now all you get is the attachment from an old post of mine, sorry.


The Top Five Percent: A “Conspiracy Theory” of Governmental Control

The Top Five Percent: A “Conspiracy Theory” of Governmental Control Factory-school

I read an article online at
about schools skimming the cream of the crop, the top 5 percent, off and into select
schools, and this article reminded me of a book I’d read recently about the history of our
education system. I began to find connections to socialism, eugenics, the Fabian Society,
and a whole lot more. Big brother is controlling your every actionmove from birth, and it
is a complex situation. I hope to help unravel it for you. So please bear with me as I
approach it from an educational perspective, since that is my discipline.

In the beginning of the 19th century, a new method of schooling was popping up
in America’s larger cities, one in which children of the lower class were conditioned to
obedience under the pretext that they were learning. These were the Lancaster schools,
which were also a Hindu invention, designed with the purpose of “dumbing us down.”
Educationalist Andrew Bell found an opportunity when he studied the caste
structure. Hindus arranged for training of the lower castes, about 95 percent of the Indian
population. He observed that the five-category ranking of the caste system was similar to
those in schools. Prestige and authority are only for the top three castes, which only
comprise 5 percent of the total. And remember, in the caste system, you can fall, but you
cannot rise. His system influenced the Lancaster schools. However, his exact system did
not survive past his death, as it needed close and enthusiastic supervision and small
classes and was only really useful when funds were sparse and teachers in very short
supply. However, such a situation seems eerily familiar, especially in California with
billions of dollars cut, teachers fired, and class size increasing. Maybe this is NCLB’s
utopian situation?

So there is some of my “5 percent.” But wait, there’s more!
Our IQ tests are part of this grand 5 percent conspiracy. Prior to WWI, eugenicists1
evaluated racial and national groups by comparing numbers of one group or another on
"lists of distinction.” Psychology, wishing to attain higher status in science, claimed to
be able to go deep into the hidden regions of the brain through an invention of an
"intelligence test," an "IQ" score, which would aid in what eugenicists desired - a
genetically and scientifically proven method of categorizing and marginalizing people.
Psychologist Carl Brigham concluded in 1923 that "the intellectual superiority of our
Nordic group over Alpine, Mediterranean and Negro groups has been demonstrated." To
emphasize the evil of eugenics, renowned Teachers College Professor Thorndike, and his
fellow psychologist H.H. Goddard at Princeton, claimed 83 percent of all Jews and 79
percent of all Italians were in the mental defective class based upon the IQ test. These
tests infiltrated the schools, and thus every child would now be given a number based on
their score. And remember, IQ scores were unvarying, unchangeable, a true mark of
ability. Mental ages were dutifully entered on permanent record cards with as much
assurance as Barnas Sears, William Torrey Harris, Horace Mann, G. Stanley Hall, and
John Dewey had accepted skull maps drawn by their favorite phrenologists, whom
believed the shape of your skull indicated your intelligence. Oh, and these men all had
stakes in our educational system.2

2 On a related tangent, EDS, which develops California’s school exams, sub-contracts out to Metritech Inc, which has a CEO and
founder, Dr. Samuel E Krug, who studied psychometrics, which relates to eugenics. He has written books on personality and ability
This all plays into eugenics, the Prussian Education system, and the Fabian
Society, so stay with me.

To quote Gatto, as he said it best, “The Eugenics movement begun by [Sir
Francis] Galton [Darwin’s first cousin] in England was energetically spread to the
United States by his followers. Besides destroying lesser breeds (as they were routinely
called) by abortion3, sterilization, adoption, celibacy, two-job family separations, lowwage
rates to zest for life, and, above all, schooling to dull the mind and debase the
character, other methods were clinically discussed in journals, including a childlessness
which could be induced through easy access to pornography. Galtonians advocated the
notion of breeding a super race.” This is eugenics in a nutshell, and milder versions are
still alive and well in our nation, the aforementioned IQ tests are part of it, as you can
easily infer. How else do you prove the top 5 percent as being justified? And how else
can you scientifically categorize and prove the remaining 95percent as being inferior?
Through eugenic science, my dear. In fact, the Progressive Era, through eugenic
influence, has practiced exclusionary labor force practices, ridding of unfit workers
labeled parasites, industrial residuum, and the unemployable4. This eerily echoes the
statistics of the “type” of people generally incarcerated, uneducated, and on welfare. One
must ask if it is coincidence or not.
testing, computer based behavioral assessments for education, anxiety and depression, and school leadership. He also wrote about the
“16 PFs,” based on the 16PF Personality Questionnaire, which remains in use by universities and businesses for research personnel
selection and the like. Research has indicated that the test is useful in predicting a wide variety of behaviors, such as creativity,
academic success, cognitive style, empathy and interpersonal skills, leadership potential, conscientiousness, self-esteem, frustration
tolerance, coping patterns, marital compatibility, and job performance. There is an adolescent version.


4 Leonard, TC. “Retrospectives: Eugenics and Economics in the Progressive Era”
The late business professor and progressive Simon Patten stated that we were
training the unfit, and “every improvement increases the inefficiencies which the laboring
class may possess without their being thereby overcome in the struggle for subsistence
that the survival of the ignorant brings upon the society.” This, to me, sounds like a call
for socialized health care, welfare, etc. It is a way to appease the 95 percent masses and
simultaneously enslave and subordinate them. This idea will tie in later, but back to

You have likely begun to gain a perspective that public schools are generally not
for the top 5 percent, and you would be correct. To further emphasize, The NEA
(National Education Association) reports of 1911 and 1918 attacked "the bookish
curricula" which are "responsible for leading tens of thousands of boys and girls away
from pursuits for which they are adapted," books gave children "false ideals of culture."
An interim report of 1917 asked for emphasis to shift away from history to something
called "social studies"; the thrust was away from the past so that attention might be
focused on the future. Their 1917 report, "Cardinal Principles of Secondary Education,"
asked for schools to teach health, vocational training, and specified behaviors; the goals
of education were no longer character or mental development.

Prussia5, in present-day Germany, was a German military state, which
consciously modeled itself after Sparta. The Prussians had a remarkable education
system which was envied worldwide; it was free and compulsory (that’s good, right?)
and comprised of national testing for all students in order to classify them for specific job
training. Students in the system learn their rank and learn to follow orders. Prussia’s aim

was social obedience of the lower class. Horace Mann6 was the leader in having brought
the Prussian education system to America, which changed the face of education forever.
Under his and the Prussian influence, many American dignitaries went to Prussia to study
their education system firsthand; they brought the methods back with them and were
subsequently placed in the major teacher preparation colleges and other universities
across the nation. The Prussian system was initially only adopted in Massachusetts, then
in New York by Mann’s sister-in-law, a Peabody of The Peabody Foundation, which then
spread it to the South. With the culmination of their work and that of the Prussian-trained
professors, the system spread like wildfire across the nation. Johann Gottlieb Fichte, a
man with great influence upon the Prussian system, as well as a man interested in Kant
and Hegel (as well as was paraphrased and written about by Socialist Bertrand Russell)
said, "Although this science [of manipulation] will be diligently studied, it will be rigidly
confined to the governing class. The populace will not be allowed to know how its
convictions were generated. When the technique has been perfected, every government
that has been in charge of education for a generation will be able to control its subjects
securely without the need of armies or policemen.” Fichte, Hegel, and Kant’s ideas are
part of the Fabian Society’s beliefs.

I’d love to keep going, but, really, this is where all the pieces come together. The
Fabians support many things, including health service in order for "the breeding of even a
moderately Imperial race," which would be more productive and better militarily than the
"stunted, anemic, demoralized denizens...of our great cities"; and a national education
system because "it is in the classrooms that the future battles of the Empire for
commercial prosperity are already being lost." Search Google or Wikipedia for the

Fabian Society or Elitism and certain key terms are abound: universal health care,
liberalism, liberal reform, socialism, labor unions, tax increase…the list goes on. Fabians
believe that control must rest with the “experts” and thus oppose ideas of working class
control and a mass participatory democracy. The working class mass does not
understand the complexities of modern society economically, politically, socially, or in
any other way.7 Suddenly, this all seems to be a big, complex, master plan of sorts to
control us all. The 95 percent working class, controlled mass, could never take over the
top 5 percent elitists because we wouldn’t even begin to think such a thing. We’ve been
trained to not question authority and not to rise up, all under the guise of social reform
and governmental aid.

However, we do not need to settle for their “great society.” We are a people who
left the planned societies two hundred and seventy years ago. The elitists do not yet
control all aspects of our society; they wish to, but they have not yet succeeded. We must
be aware of their treachery and throw off the chains of oppression; as one great American
warned, “Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from
extinction. It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by
each generation, for it comes only once to a people. Those who have known freedom and then lost it have never known it again.
~ Ronald Reagan
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