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Hello Everyone I am Malevolance

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Hello Everyone I am Malevolance Empty Hello Everyone I am Malevolance

Post by Malevolance on Sun Sep 18, 2011 2:35 pm

By the time I was 8 I was living with my grandparents. My grandfather was a Senior Analyst for IBM. Back before internet, back before advancement beyond P.C. Dos Technology, he had his computers set up on an intranet, linked together to share information and share a printer... one of those old printers that took an hour to print 2 pages and had the dotted side perferations. He had me writing my own games on the computer by the time I was 9 and in programing classes by junior high. It's funny because he can barely use a computer these days. But he can program like a mo fo.
Then, shortly after the internet came about and chat rooms were just message boards, I moved in with my Dad. Before I moved in with my Dad he was building Routers for E.D.S. By the time I had moved in with him, not only was he configuring them, but he was one of the top trouble shooters in the world. When he wasn't at work he was on the phone walking someone through the process of reconfiguring routers via internet. And I paid attention. So, I always had access to internet and to computers for as long as they have existed.

I originally wanted to be a personal trainer and so I majored in Nutrition. Of course that didn't go very far with all of the people who want to be trainers.

I chose to go the network engineering/ administration rout. Went to college and learned Windows 8, N.T. 4.0, Dos and Linux. Learned the ins and outs of Network Engineering and Administration. I was lucky because my instructor had every certification you could have that applied to Networking including Cisco. He was also the V.P. of Network Associates, where I got my first job in Networking. I was his favorite student. He had many web sites he made money off of and showed us how to make money using the internet and how to build websites. He was also a hacker... Eventually everything ended up being outsourced and my certifications became obsolete.

I'm currently finishing up an 8 year degree in Behavioral Psychology.

I have a hobby of studying Quantum physics/ Mechanics and religion. I even went to two seminary schools for a background in Christian Doctrine, since I live in the bible belt, and followed that up with a degree in World Theology. My best friend is an electrical engineer and has a hobby of studying quantum physics and mechanics as well, and the way he applies the things he learns about quantum physics because of his electrical engineering understanding is truelly amazing. Evidently in modern day Electrical technologies there are a lot of things that apply quantum mechanics into physics and are parts of every day technology that we use. He tends to go more towards the scientific application of quantum physics while I go more towards the religious application of quantum mechanics (better known as shamanism). Either way, we do a lot of information trading. I plan taking a break when I am done with this psychology thing I want to get some formal university training on quantum physics and mechanics.

My current delima is trying to figure out if I want to get a degree in Business management with a minor in marketing before I go back to learn about Quantum Theory, or if I want to learn about Quantum Theory first.

My stance on the world, why I'm here, is that it's all a scam. The Governments are Corporations and businesses and the politicians all work for the Central Bank. Police are out of line and legislators have no regard or concideration or care for our rights. The major money holders in the world set the tone for everything. I believe that we are indoctrinated from birth and misinformed through media and propiganda to keep us ignorant of what is really going on and to keep us ignorant of how to be successful in our lives. I believe that we are being slowly exterminated to lower world population through food and water. I believe that a lot of diseases have been introduced through vaccines and our ecosystem is being genetically engineered to be more benneficial to business. I beleive that we are about to be rounded up under martial law and that there is nothing about our lives that are private any longer unless we know how to stay under the "radar". I have seen evidence of all these things. Some of that evidence is strong circumstantial evidence while other evidence is rock solid. As far as I believe, if it can be quantified or if it can be proven beyond reasonable doubt then it is at least possibility worth looking further into and being prepared for just in case.

Honestly, I believe that if these things are indeed true that we are too late. No matter how much fighting we do or how much change we push that we are too late to effectively fight what is about to take place. At this point we can either submit and be slaves or we can fight while we can and be prepared to go hide in the mountains once everything goes down. I already have some compounds being worked on in the mountains that people can go to and hide in advance or once everything goes down.

In the meantime, in case I am wrong, I am in the process of starting up a foundation for the purpose of taking up donations to help families of police brutality and wrongful arrest find legal and medical resources and fund their living expenses, legal fees and medical bills. I hope to use this a platform for people who have similar stories of being abused and opressed by the system to come together, share their stories, share information and file a class action law suit on the governments, it's agencies and officials around the world.

I have been boycotting the banking system now for over 10 years in any and all of it's forms short of what I must do to survive, prepare and educate myself. I have been boycotting any food products that have hormone additives and have been turned into plastic I.E. Polyunsaturated fat, transfat, hydrogenated oil. I've been boycotting corn. I've been boycotting any food that has been genetically engineered and has pesticides added to it or uses toxic waste as it's fertilizer source. I have boycotted all forms of sweetener, including sugar, except for Stevia. I have boycotted all food that has any modified food starch of any kind in it. I have also been boycotting all drinking water except Ozarka Natural Spirng Water... I hope to spread these boycot beyond myself to everyone I meet and come in contact with. Furthermore I have been protesting the Government system since I was 14 years old.

I have been accused of being a rebel, but really I am a true patriot that is ready to punish all of these traitors who are commiting treason. I have been accused of having a problem with authority, but really I only have a problem with abuse of authority in any form by any person for any reason.


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