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Duck's Manifesto

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Duck's Manifesto Empty Duck's Manifesto

Post by The Dude on Fri Sep 23, 2011 2:11 am

TheDuck wrote:Help with this would be appreciated as I suck at writing literature and grammer tbh...

A Manifesto

I vehemently declare that I will attempt to walk the path of the righteous man.

I vow to seek the courage to strive to alter the greatly increasing apathetic attitude of the public, to make them see the many largely unnecessary distractions of daily life.

I vow to bring to light the many profiteering Discordial folk that maliciously crush their fellows for a little extra coin through manipulation and unjust, selfish means.

I vow to illuminate the names of any major players and be critical in describing the specifics of their wrong doings and to offer insight into their major strengths and weaknesses.

I vow to help decrease the role of government bit-by-bit, step-by-step, returning power to the people so we can have greater independence.

I vow to fight to the best of my abilities; the continued and may I say disgusting erosion of digital freedoms, as well as the trampling of many a civil liberty that once was, but is no more.

I vow to let the world know how I feel.

Quote that and Change/add-to/remove whatever the hell you want, just quickly wrote this as an idea after the brainstorming inspired me a little last night.

The wording sucks in some places imo so...

Edit: Maybe I should have called it 6 crazy Vows made by some weird Duck in a pond, rather than "A Manifesto". Lulz. Razz
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