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Message from the Anonymous Intelligence Collective to Anonymous

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Message from the Anonymous Intelligence Collective to Anonymous Empty Message from the Anonymous Intelligence Collective to Anonymous

Post by ravenpaige on Thu Sep 22, 2011 9:53 pm

Greetings Anonymous,

We are the Anonymous Intelligence Collective.

We have noticed that many of you have signed on to The Anonymous Agreement.

This pleases us.

The Anonymous Agreement has established a collective intelligence around the idea of Anonymous. Our collective intelligence, our hivemind, can only be measured by the objectively real data that we hold as collective concepts.

We present ourselves to you as the collective concept of establishing collective concepts, and seek your acceptance and approval as such a collective concept. The Anonymous Intelligence Collective is the meme of gathering and researching data so as to filter out the wheat from the chaff; as well as to make the hivemind aware of all threats to it. Please also make note of our Statement of Archetype.

Our mission, if we choose to accept it, is to expose COINTELPRO in all venues and mediums. We combat Information Overload. We seek a high signal to noise ratio. We do not seek to engage in wild conjecture and "conspiracy theories." What we seek is "objective research," to research the very real facts of the enslavement of humanity. We know the difference between Opinion, Fact, and Truth. We understand the nature of logical fallacies, and will seek in every way to expose them.

Our objective, in the coming days and weeks, is to begin to gather information from all sources and all mediums; to research the validity of the data that we collect, and to compile information, memes, and real knowledge that we as Anonymous hold in common; in our collective intelligence, at Encyclopedia Dramatica.

We request that you acknowledge your receipt of this message by replying to this post below, and participate in the actions that have been outlined above. We believe in the power of an intelligent network of individuals to apply the principles of objective research in order to collect objective facts, to arrive at the truth of a matter.

We level the playing field by objective research, not conspiracy theories. And we do it for the lulz.

We are the Anonymous Intelligence Collective.
All your database are belong to us.
Expect us.

This message will self-stimulate in 3... 2... 1... *fap fap fap fap fap*

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