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Welcome to the b/aserment bitch!

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Welcome to the b/aserment bitch! Empty Welcome to the b/aserment bitch!

Post by ravenpaige on Thu Sep 22, 2011 9:38 pm

All Aboard the Fail/b/oat! Set Sail for Fail! Sailing on an Ocean of Piss.

Ok faggots,

Let's make some things clear about the /b/asement.

This is the place where shitty threads go to die.

This is the one place on WhatIsThePlan where you are allowed to troll/flame/be a shitcock/do a barrel roll (not really, it's always the best solution).

Don't fuck this up. No posting of dox, no encouraging acts of violence or any illegal activity.

If you see someone fucking up, upstairs, feel free to call them out. This is how an Anon forum keeps itself free of shitcocks.

Also, this board is not for creating serious bsns threads. It's where shitty serious threads go to die. Create a srs bsns thread on this board, and we'll all laugh at you.

Another point of clarification: No one and nothing is safe from trolling on the /b/ board. Especially not mods and admins. We must be egofags to want to moderate and be in charge, or some shit like that. Mods = Fags.

Lastly, you users need to take ownership of this board, and take the lead in trolling. I'm gonna get pretty damn pissed if I'm the only one trolling, and if that happens for too long, I'll just lock all the threads on this board.

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