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Message from the Ministry of LOL to Anonymous

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Message from the Ministry of LOL to Anonymous Empty Message from the Ministry of LOL to Anonymous

Post by ravenpaige on Thu Sep 22, 2011 8:50 pm

Greetings Anonymous,

We are the Ministry of LOL.

We saw your support of The Anonymous Agreement, and we are THRILLED!

Do you know what this means for the field of theoretical lulz? Our research can now continue in earnest! Please allow us to elaborate. We conduct experiments such as corrupting ordinary LOLs and turning them into Lulz. You may know this as trolling. Our forerunners were the authors of the Comprehensive Theory of Lulz and The Chanology Experiments.

These are the two most notable cases when the Anonymous hivemind was active and observable. And now the hivemind has returned again! Now we may further study that ineffable fifth force of the Internet, Hivemind-Zalgo.

We extend our hands in greeting, and wish to become a collective concept in your hivemind, of those who conduct organized trolling experiments for the lulz. We are a meme of turning ordinary boring memes and spicing them up with Lulz. Lulz are the spice of the Internet, after all! Please also see our Statement of Archetype, as this will give you access to understanding the part we the MOL may play in your hivemind.

Our mission is to remind everyone that the Internet is Serious Business. No, but really, nothing is so deathly serious when you are merely looking at words on a page. We like that you've all agreed that you can choose when to be serious and when to be funny. We are the Ph.D. college professors of the hivemind. We are your teachers, and we assist the unfunny newfags in lurking moar.

Our objective is to establish a new set of experiments similar to The Chanology Experiments. We shall call these experiments "The Planology Experiments".

So, if you support the cause of lulz, and our scientific research thereof, please acknowledge your support of our goals and objectives.

We troll for the lulz.

We are the Ministry of LOL.
In Lulz we Trust.
Expect us.

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