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Anonymous Meta Agreement

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Anonymous Meta Agreement Empty Anonymous Meta Agreement

Post by ravenpaige on Thu Sep 22, 2011 8:09 pm

What is the one thing we can all agree upon in this community? What is the one thing that we all hold in common?

I would venture to say that it is Anonymous itself. All of our culture and philosophy may arise from this single point.

So if we are to agree upon Anonymous (and we need to agree upon something), we must first understand what Anonymous is.

Anonymous was first conceived as an in-joke by the users of 4chan /b/ back in the day, as a satire on the chaotic, unruly nature of the Internet.

Anonymous "does not forgive, does not forget." When an attempt is made to censor information, Anonymous ensures that the information is spread far and wide, never to be forgiven or forgotten. The Streisand Effect. Barbara Streisand complained that her house was visible on Google Maps. No one cared until she complained about it, and now everyone knows where her house is.

Anonymous "is everyone and no one, is everywhere and nowhere"

Anonymous "does it for the lulz"

Anonymous "is that guy down the street, the guy driving the bus, the guy who delivers your mail"

If you understand that Anonymous is an in-joke and a satire, this doesn't mean that everything we do as "Anonymous" has to be childish. Anonymous does Serious Business too. Indeed, The Internet is Serious Business. Whenever the freedom of the Internet from censorship is threatened, it rises up to dispose of said threats. Because the Internet is our home. It is our house.

If we truly develop a hivemind community that calls itself "Anonymous", then we need to understand and agree upon what Anonymous really means, because really, all of our culture and philosophy, all of our actions, arise from that single point of meta-agreement. Anonymous as it was originally conceived only truly exists within the collective intelligence of those who hold this idea in common. This is a hard and fast rule. Anonymous only exists in the hivemind, and can only be understood in the plural sense, of those who are self-aware Anonymous.

Anonymous is an idea that anyone can have and share in, and even have their own idea about. If there is a disagreement about what Anonymous is, then with this meta-agreement, we have a basis for agreeing to disagree on certain points. In addition, this gives us a basis for collaboration and organizing further.

When you are in Anonymous, you are one of a myriad of nameless, faceless individuals. You cannot be singled out nor even attacked for your actions, for to attack one is to attack all. When Anonymous has no cause they are a herd of cats. When they do, they are a swarm of angry hornets. Anonymous is a brotherhood, and yes, a sisterhood as well, that knows its own, and takes care of its own.

I call for a community of intelligent, constructive trolls and activists. Anonymous knows when to be serious, and when to have fun; hacktivism to keep the Internet free and change the world, and trolling constructively for the lulz.

We level the playing field by making information free, and we do it for the lulz.

You are free to have your own idea about what Anonymous is.

This is The Anonymous Meta-Agreement.

Signing this agreement does not simply mean putting words on a page. It means a call to action for each and every one of you who agree to do your part within this community to learn what Anonymous is, and to teach to those who are new, all of these points that I have elaborated upon, and to do so with firmness. Do not let your fellow Anons off easy. Always be testing each other's knowledge and understanding, and as "metal sharpens metal, so Anon shall sharpen their fellow Anon."

If these words ring true with you, please sign The Anonymous Meta-Agreement.

Thank you.

Edit: These ideas are a summary of the theory and philosophy expounded upon in full detail in Anonymous Hivemind 101: The Virtual Tribe. If you want to do your part and educate yourself to educate others, you need to read this document, and seek to understand the nuts and bolts of how an Anonymous Hivemind community works.

Anonymous Hivemind 101 - The Virtual Tribe
Anonymous Hivemind 102 - Vibecraft

Update: And now, due to your strong reception and agreement, one agreement becomes three collective concepts.

Message From the Anonymous Intelligence Collective to Anonymous
Message From the Ministry of LOL to Anonymous

Update: I've added to the text of this agreement, which for the sake of clarification I'm now calling a meta-agreement, based on feedback from forum members.

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