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Board Concept: Bill Examination

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Board Concept: Bill Examination Empty Board Concept: Bill Examination

Post by Red_Envy on Sun Sep 11, 2011 6:49 pm

This is an idea for research.

We create a board where the first post is a proposed bill, law, etc. Something that we can get properly documented in its entirety with a link to the source and a brief summary of its purpose. Further posts in the thread would be how the members have interpreted the Bill and what it means for our ideals.

The differing points of view and interpretations will allow us to effectively determine how to present this to the greater collective, and what needs to be done to manage it if need be.


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Board Concept: Bill Examination Empty Re: Board Concept: Bill Examination

Post by The Dude on Mon Sep 12, 2011 3:54 am

I think this would be an interesting experiment. But who would head it up? Seems like it could be a fair bit of work.

If you can do it, go for it!
The Dude
The Dude

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Board Concept: Bill Examination Empty Re: Board Concept: Bill Examination

Post by Malevolance on Sun Sep 18, 2011 5:42 pm

Something I have been concidering myself.
I actually have a few friends who read, speak and write Legalese. Two of which are professional P.R. specialists. One of which is an American National and is a card carrying member of the Native American Church. What we need, however, is an attorney who can write up a bill to express the ideas into law that we want.

This is like hacking a computer in my opinion.
Step 1: Identify the target.
Step 2: Identify it's weaknesses.
Step 3: Infiltrate the target.
Step 4: Gather information.
Step 5: Plant a Virus that creates further weaknesses.
Step 6: Replace the system with one you control.

The key to this is to do it without being detected. This means things need to be "slipped" into bills. Do the same things to them that they have done to us. Instead of throwing the frog into already boiling water, put the frog in the water and then slowly turn up the heat.

The system is full of holes. These holes were created for the Elite to slip through and for the government officials to use to control us. We can, with the right help, effectively utilize those holes to reverse that so that these holes are there for us to slip through and for us to use to control the government officials. The person we need support from the most is the Head of the Houseways and Means Committy within Congress. That way a Bill can go up for vote without the Congress even being able to review it.

We should have varius departments that handle this.
1. Reviews already existing Bills that have been passed to find weaknesses within the system and expose any conspiracies, cover ups and blatant violation of rights.
2. Reviews Bills that are being proposed to congress to vote so that we can initiate protests before Congress even has the chance to pass new laws that can be used against us, to trick us, or to protect them from us.
3. Create Bills that can, over time, reverse the process that has enslaved us and turn them back into our servants.

One Idea I would love to see ultimately take place is... On the side of a police car it should say "Public Servant" instead of "Police". And on a Police officer's badge it should say "How May I Protect You Today" Instead of "Police Officer". Fusion centers need to be completely and totally done away with and information that they have collected need be destroyed. The Department of Homeland Security needs to be shut down completely and for good with no possible way of anything like that ever popping back up again in the future.

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Board Concept: Bill Examination Empty Re: Board Concept: Bill Examination

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