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Post by ARTnonymous on Sun Sep 11, 2011 2:53 pm

Cheny's Cat

Ok, we know that our middle-east economic satellite nation is Isreal. Read Chomsky. Due to an UN-FATED AND UN-DESTINED (got that for the record?) series facts and event, Jews seem to be both the universal scapegoat extraordinaire and a cherished and feircly defended crown jewel in the crown of the U.S. To speak accurately of the unique role of the Jews in world history and prophecy is to be more or less doomed to being labeled either a racist on one hand or a “Zionist” on the other. Those with a passion for end-time conspiracy theory or just plain curiosity for the apocalypse will seize on one side or the other.. The claims of either racism or Zionism will be directed against those who profess the unique role of Jews in this drama. Many will interpret Zionism (the belief that Jews globally should make a mass pilgrimage to their claimed homeland, Israel.) in Illuminatii terms.

The sub-category of conspiracy theorists who's focus is Zionism interpret Israel as a satellite of the US, which may be largely true, certainly economically, and their perception of a mass pilgrimage to Israel will be as a gathering of forces by those who they associate with greed, the classic Jewish stereotype. The misperception by many, many nations and religions, will be that Israel is becoming the control helm of a One-World-Government that means very different things to different people. It is my personal belief that it will exist and the confusion over what is really happening as it formulates will make for chaos moreso than war. For the transition to take place without a single nuke dropped is going to require some kind of high-priest warlock frequency modulation shit. Most likely they'll fly like spitballs but a few stray missiles from some rogue organization is not necessary nuclear winter, and a nuclear display by the one country that can assert its once-and-for-all overlord status wouldn't mean the death of the species either, although the collective disorganized and weak global resistance to that overlord could mobilize enough technology of one form or another to kill us all, but so will the drought. Einstein said he knew not what weapons WWIII would be fought with but he did know what WWIV will be fought with- rocks and clubs. What he didn't say was to stockpile an arsenal of as many seven-gram rocks as possible, while there is still time.

The remaining nation forces and religious armies and whatnot will give it their best, kill millions, and aim for dominance. The biggest power player in this will be the US, but OUR homeland is conveniently on the other side of the world from where the action is going down. It goes like this- We got fucked. We fucked Iraq for no reason. We tried to fuck Afghanistan but that doesn't even make sense because there's little centrality to fuck there. Iran, by comparison, is more fucking unified and holistic a force than we are prepared to fuck after our economic and friend-depletion. The idea of a ground war with Iran is ridonkulous- their religious ideology is so imeshed with their political structure that we would be in for a real-life religious war, and Americans don't fight those as our cause-- it's one of our virtues. The lines of power run as such: a strong short thick line between Iran and Israel. With the world watching, Zionism begins to scare the shit out of everyone either because they hold racist delusions about Jews being the economic Illuminati or because they are anti-American and view Israel as McAmerica. Iran is very strong compared to Iraq and Afghanistan. It is a flea compared to Israel or the United States. Here lies its insidious power- It can provoke Israel until a blatant act of war occurs. The United States, under current operational behavior, has ZERO option but to defend Israel with all its might, regardless of the details of the conflict between Iran and Israel, and that is what I would call the “exposure” or the point at which the previously-defined “capatalist/oil/military/nationalistic/GreedWar” reveals itself to have really been about a subconscious and hidden collective national lust to own the holy land, and hence the globe. There is no such thing as “A” Holy Land. It is THE Land that is holy. By the “exposure” no one will believe the wreckage of that war-zone is holy or that there is an Afterglow, but the motivation continues because the warlords who defend the by-that-point rather emptily symbolic patch of rubble will have, not a holy land, not a satellite of a removed puppet nation, not a safe-zone to populate with Goddesses, but the one control helm from which to operate the One World Government. The patch of rubble is arbitrary-- the religions which clung so dearly to the ruins will have been eclipsed by many novel things that are of a kind of religion but also not. we won't need oil by then, hell “there aren't even roads where we're going!” There will be myriad factions fighting over yummy water using the most diabolical, secretive, and psycho-frequency tactics. We will yearn for the good old days of nukes when absolute annihilation was the risk- not global totalitarianism by Dick Cheney's cat.

The nuts who have allowed paranoia and 9/11 conspiracy obsession to nurture rage against mainstream America are correct in one thing- that greed is the culprit. But the enemy has a name, it's name is McWalBucks. I find it particularly disappointing that wackos and subversives who are a lot of fun could be correct enough to know that capitalism is the face of tyranny but deluded enough to think that a Jewish-money connection is the same blind greed that operates the cash register at WalMcStar. From this pessimistic *ca-ching* perspective, WWIII is over, the US (the blind mechanization of the economic/pleasure-principle of capitalism- the dollar bill and the burger) won. Have we lost? But wait! It's a bird! It's a Plane! It's an F-18 bro'. There is hope.

Geography is boring as fuck but there are supposedly some dusty old holy cities out in yonder dessert which Christianity, Islam, and Judaism all consider theirs and they are being mean and won't share. Has anyone noticed these three religions are pretty fucking similar? We're not talking Satanists vs Zoroastrians vs. Scientologists here. The dispute is on a level deeper than mere nationalism or patriotism- they each believe the land was given by God to them as the Chosen People. The concept of ownership of land is an almost-original sin. The concept of a Chosen people is also reprehensible and plain racism, (unless you mean us, of course, the good guys. Ethicals.). There's only one Chosen person and we know who that is bro'. Bring it. Nationalistic ownership is responsible for horrendous tragedy. But supposed Divine ownership of a homeland split three ways is not the Path of the Threesome which Charlie has taught us leads to the Promised Land of Afterglow. NO people can own land and to imbue a small chunk of land with a sense of entitlement raised to the level of religious fervor, coupled with a sea of black gold underneath, should be enough for us all to admit that regardless of the details, the shit is going down and we know where. The sad part is that Jews fucking rock! They are total bitchin' rockstars from Mars, you can take that to the bank and smoke it.

~On a sad, sad note~ Once upon a time there was a little thing called the holocaust. Why it happened and placing blame, determining the degree of intentionality and on what societal's collective part may be as unproductive as debating if the US could actually have dropped the towers. Beware the role of rage in human psychology and ask if there can be such a thing as righteous rage, and what that means. When the Enterprise gets too close to a black hole Picard's transmissions can't quite make it back to the Federation. Similarly, to address the long-term geo-religio-political aftershocks and repercussions of the holocaust with reason and logic and the best prophecy we can manage is not going to work in entirety. I think we can with difficulty get a good hunch but there are blind spots here. The problem is not so much a battle between reason and emotion where the traditional masculine philosopher holds a firm upper lip as he trudges through the trenches of sentimentality, eyes wet but not sobbing until he can complete his thought. That can be done. That would be easy. (For Chuck Norris.) The problem is the enemy of undistorted truth and therefor accurate prophecy in this instance is not emotion as human weakness but more insurmountable due to its being an elemental force of nature like gravity. In terms of ethical gravity, in the 1940s there was a disturbance surrounding a “nation”. Let's skip the details. In short, the earth was bruised in its ethical body (which is the truest and only body of the earth). It was the worst bruise the earth has yet suffered. The characters in this drama are nations, and also religions. Due to the significance of the holocaust I consider Germany and Isreal to be the two foremost nations of political significance on earth, but I believe neither of their significance will be revealed fully until the end-time scenario plays out further and the nationalistic/economic and “practical” or “industrial” stage of the WWIII is shed and the religions and new attempts at forms of religion begin to compete more blatantly for geographical dominance. America is unique in that currently (and barely) it is still the foremost superpower, but Iraq and Afghanistan have depleted more than our wallet. They depleted our friends.

What we can see is a striking convergence of 1) Oil, and 2) Holyland in the same place. Unless there's some cosmic joke this is an accident or perhaps a cosmic screwing, but what it does it mean? It means the war has two faces. For some the war is a pilgrimage to the pot of gold (oil). We'll call them the 'military-industrial complex”. For some, the war is a “defence” of the Holyland. The radical islamic jihadist terrorism we have seen is a miniscule threat compared to the use of psychological terrorism to instill fear. 9/11 was bad. No one disagrees, hopefully not even in jest. But the sane person looks out upon the last decade and sees what was a scrape on the knee compared to the holocaust. 9/11 could have invoked a universal outpouring of support from the international community to aid and heal America, but Cheney squandered that. Defending against terror is posssible. A global hunt for terror is not only impossible, it is not only counterproductive, but it is not even being attempted. What is being attempted (and quite efficiently) is a myth of a global war on (hunt for) terror to instill fear ($) and to destabilize the entire system of nations, the very concept and meaning of what a “nation” is. I yearn for the “good old days” of the cold war where despite the universal blanket corruption we find in every social fabric, at least there were two sides and boy, we were the gooduns! WWII- the last “noble” war because it was us versus them, and we were good, and they were evil, and at worst only a few cities and the conscience of our species died.

The perceived role of victim the Jews must live with because of the Nazis is no prize that wins them worldwide sympathy. It is because of the magnitude of the gravitational disturbance of the bruise that a counter-reaction was seen, and this is the claim, the belief, that the tragedy of the Holocaust JUSTIFIES the right of the Jewish people to OWN Israel. In personal psychiatric terms, after massive trauma, who would deny the victim one corner of the world to retreat, escape, find fellowship, hide, heal. Is this fair? A very very good question. It is very tempting to say yes, if not for the fact that absolute ownership of any land (in the “Divinely decreed” sense tied to religion rather than traditional nationalism) to be recognized or even condoned by the international community is a recipe for disaster. Ownership of any land is an almost-original sin, and when the land in question is a playing field with a potential global control helm up for grabs, we need the Shadow Facility- Black Mesa.

We don't conspire to make this more grandiose than it is, for that could never be. From within the seven-gram calm at the center of a maelstrom of high-definition propaganda which blends the absurdly shallow celebrity merrygoround with the whole oil/blood/end-of-times thing like so much oilpaint, Cheney strokes his fluffy white cat with the most delicate of scheming caresses, his frozen half-smile like the evil twin of Steven Hawkings' achingly virtuous one. Dr Claw's cat sits in the lap of luxury indeed- at the pinnacle of the Cabal, the All-seeing Eye of Horus is the one anti-soul with the calculating feline intention to inflict mandatory Judaism on all reptilians. Her entire grandmaster conspiracy for world domination in service of a black viscose substance composed of the fossils of dinosaurs and which is huffed in paperbags by gutterpunks. And that's just no way to get high. It is the flight of the pterodactyl which indirectly through “fossil”-fuel, fueled your VW van to get to that show you forgot about. A psych-ray is transmitted 24/7 through your screen to lull a species, with the exception of one man, into acceptance of a one-world totalitarian government owned by Dick Cheney's cat. I for one welcome our fluffy overlord.

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Post by The Dude on Mon Sep 12, 2011 3:34 am

Holy shit, dude! Concision!

Seriously, though. Interesting read. I hadn't thought about the 'underlying psychic reasons' why Zionism might be popular with the religious right in the US.

Let me provide a brief counter argument: Never a borrower or lender be.
AnonGirl defines usury as:
archaic : interest
the lending of money with an interest charge for its use; especially : the lending of money at exorbitant interest rates
an unconscionable or exorbitant rate or amount of interest; specifically : interest in excess of a legal rate charged to a borrower for the use of money
In the old testiment:

Exodus 22:25
If you lend money to any of my people who are the poor among you, you shall not be to him as an usurer, neither shall you take any usury from him.

Leviticus 25: 35-37
And if your brother becomes poor and stretches out his hand for help, you shall not look upon him as a stranger or a sojourner; he shall live with you. You shall not take a discount of him or usury: but fear your God, that your brother may live with you. You shall not lend him your money with a discount nor give him your food with usury.

Deurteronomy 23: 19-20
You shall not lend with interest to your brother: interest of money, interest of grain, and the interest of anything that is lent with interest; To a foreigner you may lend with interest; but to your brother you shall not lend with interest, that the Lord your God may bless you in all that you set your hand to in the land which you shall go in to possess.

Aristotle, Politics, Book I, Part 10:
“There are two sorts of wealth-getting, as I have said; one is a part of household management, the other is retail trade: the former necessary and honorable, while that which consists in exchange is justly censured; for it is unnatural, and a mode by which men gain from one another. The most hated sort, and with the greatest reason, is usury, which makes a gain out of money itself, and not from the natural object of it. For money was intended to be used in exchange, but not to increase at interest. And this term interest, which means the birth of money from money, is applied to the breeding of money because the offspring resembles the parent. Wherefore of any modes of getting wealth this is the most unnatural.”
Bottom line: our money is fucked up. Charging interest is totally immoral. Making money from money is one of the greatest evils and sources of inequality that can exist in a society. This is what I'd like to be our second research conclusion...more on that later.

Turns out that you COULD lend money at interest, to a foreigner, but not your brother. In the Christian tradition, this mean Jews could lend at interest to Christians. Specifically, Christians could ask Jews for loans, when they couldn't ask fellow Christians for loans. A banking empire and world conspiracy theory was born.

I totally agree with the Chomsky analysis of Israel. But what operational conclusion do we draw from that? I'm all about boiling down a ton of research into smaller, actionable statements for Anons to work from.

My money one will come shortly. After we develop some consensus on what a suitable stance and action plan would be, we'll put it forward. We can't have a revolution without a plan.
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